concentration camp

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) posted a tone-deaf video of himself at the Nazi concentration camp.
"This discovery is a heartwarming witness to the victory of hope over desperation."
Long-lost ring and necklace likely made in Poland.
The Gate of Death at Birkenau. Train cars full of prisoners would roll through these gates, often straight to the gas chambers
To improve the process of ethical oversight of research, we need to change our attitudes, and recognize far more fully that complicated moral issues, strains and vagaries are involved.
We need to confront hate before it loses its human connection, because when it does, all of our moral hand-wringing and good and decent intentions collapse in a pool of irrelevancy. There is a straight line from Auschwitz to Rwanda and Cambodia and Darfur and, sadly, more. What more can we do?
One of Anne Frank’s close friends is opening up about her final encounter with the young Jewish icon and the history of her diary.
In many ways I can remember every detail of the liberation that happened 70 years ago. Nobody prepared us for what liberation would be like. I hoped then I could go home and find my family. We had a daily saying, like a mantra, "Someday soon I will be free and I will go home." But going home to me meant reuniting with my mother, father, and two older sisters, not just an empty house with four walls, which is what we found.