conceptual art

Dan Graham was interviewed by Christian Lund in his home in SoHo, New York, October 2015. Dan Graham (b. 1942) is an award
Supported by Nordea-fonden "I'm sure even the cavemen copied the drawings of the guys from the next village and changed them
As a follow up to my last article on Prince Gallery I wanted to share with you a recent discussion between Eric Prince, artist
In person, the presence of inappropriate materials is even more pronounced, as all angled views reveal the sandwich of materials
For David Zaitz, a good conceptual photo is all about the idea. David gets inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, taking ordinary situations and making them extraordinary.
Ireland made his home a work of art, one reflecting his distinct (to say the least) sensibility. Tiny plaques commemorated the damage left by the safe Ireland dropped a couple of times hauling it downstairs for Mr. Greub, whose name and trade stayed on a front window.
Artist Ana Prvacki dares to imagine how our smallest, most absurd ideas can change the world.
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What distinguishes this from category 2 conceptual art, the kind I don't like? The very qualities I ascribed to category one - the passion, the rigor, the discipline.
Stepping through the double French doors of 3 Howard Street in New York's bustling Chinatown will immediately vitalize your day - visually and intellectually. The exhibition on show, Hunger is the Best Sauce, is The Still House Group's co-founder, Isaac Brest's most recent provocation of the city's thriving art scene.
Choosing photographs that create a perfect line from one to the next while allowing the colors and contrasts to not play
MR: it's hard to imagine people that far away like, i acknowledge you, i want to give you that KB: if i had to guess, i'd
Alone Together at Red Bull Studios New York is an exhibition conceived by the New York-based conceptual artist Ryder Ripps
"Made in China" runs from February 6 until April 28 at Dulwich Picture Gallery in London. On April 28, the replica will be
The Station Gallery Savernack Street 2411 24th St, San Francisco, California 94110 j.frede : Passage January 17-March 17
When something is removed sometimes there can be trace evidence of its presence. The outline on a bare wall where a painting hung for decades, the impression left in a rug where a chair has sat for weeks, a blurred circle on a tabletop where a glass stood for moments. For this instance that which is left behind are thumbtacks upon the surface of telephone poles on any given street.