conceptual art

The Miami couple believes what they call "an otherwise inexpensive and perishable piece of produce and a couple inches of duct tape” will become "an iconic historical object.”
Supported by Nordea-fonden In this short interview Dan Graham offers advice to younger artists by tallying up the best and
Jonathan Monk (b. 1969) is a British conceptual artist who was born in Leicester in 1969 and lives and works in Berlin and
Kristoffer Ørum, "Invisible Objects", installation view, Prince Gallery KØ: Yes, as you know your gallery (Prince Gallery
I have no grander conclusion to draw from this. I just thought it was interesting, and delightful, and funny. I am awfully
For David Zaitz, a good conceptual photo is all about the idea. David gets inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, taking ordinary situations and making them extraordinary.
Ireland made his home a work of art, one reflecting his distinct (to say the least) sensibility. Tiny plaques commemorated the damage left by the safe Ireland dropped a couple of times hauling it downstairs for Mr. Greub, whose name and trade stayed on a front window.
Artist Ana Prvacki dares to imagine how our smallest, most absurd ideas can change the world.
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