Concerned Student 1950

It's possible to usher in a new era of sensitive and inclusive dialogue that is not hyper-sensitive. It's possible to improve the campus sensitivity to microaggressions without making them punishable offenses. Students are so sensitive, and this is one of their best qualities.
I love Mizzou today just as much as I did the first day I learned about it. The only way that we are ever going to grow as a university, and as a community, is to listen to what everyone has to say. I know that it will take some time for the university to heal, but I know that I will still be here while it does.
If students of color insistently demand that they are being neglected and trivialized, and there is "no one" there to hear
Racial microaggressions are rampant. Faculty and students report feeling tokenized, encountering hostile stares, and their intelligence doubted. While the President and Chancellor's resignations are a small start, it will take much more for institutional change to follow.
Students who don't feel comfortable with law enforcement can contact the civil rights organization.
Since you have now completed Being Black At A PWI 101, this means that I am able to be frank with all of you. I am hoping that I can give to you the Black Student Handbook that your orientation leader was unable to offer you on that glorious hot summer day.
The collective strength and perseverance demonstrated by students at University of Missouri has ignited an international display of love and solidarity. It brings a clear light to the fact that racism in all its forms, in higher education and beyond, is seen for what it is and won't be tolerated.
If Yale had an inclusive culture, perhaps more than 1,000 students wouldn't have had to march this week against racial insensitivity. If Missouri had it, perhaps Butler would not have gone hungry; and Tim Wolfe and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin might still be employed. We have work to do.
This trend of catastrophization is so dangerous -- instead of spreading awareness of racial, gender and economic inequality, it shifts the focus toward policing speech and shaming perceived transgressors. As liberals, we need to remember is that this behavior violates two fundamental assumptions of our ideology.
"This was strictly about me supporting my players and nothing else," Mizzou coach Gary Pinkel said.
People of color can't be the only ones protesting racial injustice. I remember after the deaths of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, tears sprang to my eyes as I saw many white people taking to the streets to protest. As a black woman, that's not something I feel everyday.
Student activists have presented the school with a list of demands for increasing campus diversity and acceptance.
I have lived in Columbia and been at the university for almost 18 years. During this time, I have been called the n-word too many times to count. Yes, we are better off now than we were in the '50s, but to some extent, we are taking many steps backward by ignoring or not talking about the racial issues.
Tim Wolfe announced during a Board of Curators meeting on Nov. 9 that he will be resigning as the president of the University of Missouri system.