Concerned Women for America

The students were sponsored in part by Christian nonprofit women’s group, Concerned Women for America.
The Supreme Court nominee has been accused of sexual assault.
Controversial think pieces aren't the enemy. The real foe of the Me Too movement hasn’t even arrived yet.
Penny Nance said the choice between him and Hillary Clinton would be "horrible" for conservative women.
“I have long followed Beverly LaHaye and the outstanding leadership she has demonstrated in her work with the Concerned Women
They simply can't comprehend that the "untouchables" they used to bully with their Bibles are no longer remaining silent and refuse to accept their inferior place in society.
Concerned Women for America fired a few insults on Wednesday at women's health advocate Sandra Fluke, who is slated to introduce
As the Washington Post's conservative columnist George Will notes, rent control is anathema to conservative ideals of individual
Considering the emphasis religious-right groups put on same-sex marriage, I thought it useful to check birth rates in nations at the time they instituted marriage equality and compare them to today. Has there been a difference in trends already in place?
You tell people that if gay marriage is made legal, it's only a matter of time before the state or country will be full of
But the only difference between the HPV vaccine and other less-controversial mandatory vaccines, health officials say, is
A group of self-described Godless Americans is defying predictions of the Rapture to kick off a new campaign this week against
The GOP's coalition relies on the support of those who prioritize suspicion, fear, and the politics of exclusion. The fight over CPAC's guest list shows just how unstable that sort of coalition can be.
"We've been very involved in CPAC for over a decade and have managed a couple of popular sessions. However, we will no longer
At any rate, the usage of Cameron's work certainly does put a monkeywrench into religious rights claims that they are being "targeted" by the SPLC because of their "Judeo-Christian" beliefs.
Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council is still smarting over the Southern Poverty Law Center designating his organization as an anti-gay hate group.
Apparently some organizations who are on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list and profiles of anti-gay hate groups aren't happy about it.
These groups and their spokespeople are liars and they need to be called as such. Lgbts need to hammer that point over and