Each of the potted plants that filled the Teatre del Liceu will be donated to a health care worker.
The 10-time Grammy winner stressed to fans that "committing to this quarantine" was her top priority for the remainder of the year.
The Italian opera legend aimed to inspire hope during the coronavirus pandemic with his performance, receiving praise from Celine Dion and Kim Kardashian.
The "Shallow" singer took a terrifying tumble with a fan during her Las Vegas show last week.
"My safety and your safety first," the Grammy-winning rapper wrote on Twitter.
A fan of the performer delivered a baby in the stadium of her Liverpool concert.
The singer couldn't say the late rapper's name while performing her hit "thank u, next" in Pittsburgh.
Tour company Base doesn't detail the "challenges" of its plan to resurrect the soulful singer on stage.
In the middle of singing, Ariana Grande restarted her performance after a fan yelled out they weren’t recording yet.
"I listen!" said the "No Tears Left to Cry" singer during an intimate performance over the weekend.