The would-be assassin, now granted total freedom, is hoping to launch a singing career.
Flood Fiasco At Halsey Concert
The Grammy-winning duo performed the tune for the first time together on the opening night of their new tour.
The band kicked off its 60th-anniversary tour with the debut of a 1966 hit never before performed in concert.
Protect your hearing at concerts and music festivals with this pair of hypoallergenic silicone earplugs, which have thousands of 5-star reviews.
The "Last Week Tonight" host named and shamed one of the planet's most reviled companies.
"Because we were forbidden from yelling or singing, I could hear some fans letting out whimpers, as if trying to get out their emotions any way they could."
The Grammy-winning singer paused the show to check on a fan in the mosh pit.
“We’re struggling with seeing the injuries to our grandchild and what he had to go through," Ezra Blount's grandfather told local media on Monday.
Nearly an hour later at 9:45 p.m., on-duty officers were alerted to another man who had fallen.