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It doesn't take a cyber-security expect to know that you shouldn't share your email password or Social Security number on
When promoter Peter Shapiro became aware of the article I wrote last month taking him to task for the way ticket sales were handled for the Grateful Dead's "Fare Thee Well" shows, scheduled for July 3-5 at Chicago's Soldier Field, he had two choices.
Using the band's own song titles, here are five reasons why bots weren't the only ones to come out on the losing end this past weekend.
As some of the biggest names in the concert industry are wrapping up their summer tours or, like Garth Brooks, are getting ready to embark on a much anticipated new tour, the general public is often left wondering where all the tickets go for these popular concerts.
Beware everyone. There are truly evil people out there waiting to harm others for merchandise. In many cases, there is little value for human life in the pursuit of money or things. Keep this knowledge with you as you post on sites like Craigslist. So stay safe.
Sushi or Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift or sushi? Based on Chase's adorable reaction when mom surprises her with Taylor Swift
Live entertainment and sports are important economic engines in New York thanks largely to the support of loyal fans. The least that state law -- and the performers themselves -- can do is make sure that these fans are treated fairly.
Music fans can register and take actions related to ending extreme poverty that range from sharing content to signing petitions. These actions will earn them points which they can then use for a chance to win tickets to see their favorite artists, and attend their favorite festivals.
The scars o Sandy Hook Elementary School are too deep for all of us -- especially those personally affected by it. Songs can only do so much. But I believe in the power of music.
Lyons, 39, whose first-degree murder trial began Wednesday morning, has been in jail since police arrested him at a Hooter's
New York Sen. Charles Schumer on Sunday unveiled a plan to introduce legislation banning the resale of concert and sports
Ticketing giant Ticketmaster is taking aim at what it says is a new obstacle for fans hoping to attend concerts by hot acts