These threats are the latest in a string of anti-Muslim events in Canada.
By working together, companies, governments, donors, and investors can bring this vast but untapped pool of consumers into the digital age, creating a broad new market and delivering on the promise of the SDGs.
"Public-private partnership" is seemingly one of the "it" terms in diplomacy and development these days. While the federal government is embracing and formalizing public-private partnerships like never before, they aren't a new concept.
I'm so glad that mobile is on the forefront. Again, mobile isn't something brand new - it has been around for a while, from the StarTAC to pagers, to the first iPhone. Technology is everywhere today.
At the core of human motivation is the idea that tomorrow can be better than today. People will fight oppressors, combat unending peril, unite through unparalleled adversity, all in the hope that tomorrow can be better than today.
Judy Meredith, one of the birdwatchers, tried to contact the Coast Guard via emails that she has provided, but the Coast
The image, which was taken on Jan. 17 -- four days after the luxury cruise liner capsized off the coast of Italy -- shows
A passenger has revealed that the Celine Dion song "My Heart Will Go On," made famous by the 1997 film "Titanic," was playing
With the score tied at 61 and .7 seconds left, Clauson was set to inbound the ball under the basket. Clauson noticed that