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These threats are the latest in a string of anti-Muslim events in Canada.
By working together, companies, governments, donors, and investors can bring this vast but untapped pool of consumers into the digital age, creating a broad new market and delivering on the promise of the SDGs.
"Public-private partnership" is seemingly one of the "it" terms in diplomacy and development these days. While the federal government is embracing and formalizing public-private partnerships like never before, they aren't a new concept.
I'm so glad that mobile is on the forefront. Again, mobile isn't something brand new - it has been around for a while, from the StarTAC to pagers, to the first iPhone. Technology is everywhere today.
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At the core of human motivation is the idea that tomorrow can be better than today. People will fight oppressors, combat unending peril, unite through unparalleled adversity, all in the hope that tomorrow can be better than today.
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But the Princess, with a full complement of 2,500 "newlywed, overfed and nearly dead" well heeled luxury passengers sailed
It's unclear in which of the Concordia's restaurants Sgaga and his brother were dining or if any other passengers heard the
Concordia won the game 63-61 and made it to next week's NAIA National Tournament. Scroll down to watch the incredible buzzer