The former Washington and San Francisco player had at least seven documented concussions.
"'What do you do?' the woman asked me. I hesitated. I thought, 'I’m disabled,' but instead, I told her, 'I’m between jobs.'"
At least 11 U.S. service members were airlifted out of Iraq following Iran's missile strikes on the Ain al-Asad air base.
Hundreds of former players seek compensation for the health issues we now face.
Let’s not politicize the health of youth athletes and the human brain.
Dao's lawyer said there will "likely" be a lawsuit.
Brain Injury Association of America For Family and Caregivers While DWI is sensitive to some types of injuries related to
As part of the public discussion —which includes scientific research findings— I have watched the issue of concussions publicized
There are millions of untold stories of everyday people who incur concussions while going about their regular routines.