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The league has acknowledged a link between football and a chronic brain disease -- but the concussions continue.
Doctoral students Doug Wilbur and Dani Myers analyzed Twitter responses to a crisis and found that seemingly unorganized or semi-organized groups may actually develop organized positions toward a company in crisis.
After my son Zach suffered a major brain injury during a high school football scrimmage, I found the grieving process to be complicated.
As I drove home alone from the movie Concussion, tears overwhelmed me. This blockbuster film unveils the research on brain damage suffered by professional football players. The movie vividly depicts famous football players whose minds become their worst enemy.
Sydney asked Tuesday that people go see “Concussion” to learn about CTE.
On any given Sunday 20 million Americans will watch Sunday Night Football; currently the no. 1 rated show on television. In February 2016, over 100 million viewers will watch Super Bowl 50. As a lifelong fan, I have tuned in often.
The film "Concussion" hit theaters on Christmas and renewed the ongoing conversation about football-related head injuries
On Christmas day, the film Concussion opens starring Will Smith, as forensic pathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu. Smith was understandably
"I gotta be president," the "Concussion" star said on CBS.
"If we knew that we were killing people, I would have never put on the jersey.”