President Donald Trump initially said no Americans were injured in the retaliatory missile strikes on Al-Asad air base in Iraq.
Tom Savage was finally pulled from game due to a concussion.
"That's just hard to watch," Fox announcer Joe Buck said.
These professionals may be the last line of defense protecting players from longterm head injury.
The league's $30 million deal with the National Institutes of Health to study CTE is dissolving in acrimony.
In baseball and softball, girls’ concussion rate was four times that of boys.
“It just stunned me. It wasn’t like I lost consciousness. I was fine.”
Meanwhile there has been a futile search for those trying to eliminate recess and all sports. Shame on you, Jon Gruden, you
The league's neurotrauma program isn’t without its faults, but it’s a lot better than what goes on in the average ER.
But because of the dynamic personality and talent and swagger Cameron Jerrell Newton possesses, the thought is that he can