"That's just hard to watch," Fox announcer Joe Buck said.
These professionals may be the last line of defense protecting players from longterm head injury.
The league's $30 million deal with the National Institutes of Health to study CTE is dissolving in acrimony.
In baseball and softball, girls’ concussion rate was four times that of boys.
“It just stunned me. It wasn’t like I lost consciousness. I was fine.”
As noted here a week ago, the NFL reports that the number of concussions this season is down. Whether that drop is statistically
The league's neurotrauma program isn’t without its faults, but it’s a lot better than what goes on in the average ER.
Next I try to get Cam to open up about that report calling him a second-tier quarterback. "No sir. It's just personal opinion
"They just played better than us." "We'll be back." And of all the Black quarterbacks who've come through the revolving door
It can be difficult, but some members of our team have found a new way of coping with stress. Every so often, they will stroll
As part of the public discussion —which includes scientific research findings— I have watched the issue of concussions publicized
Dr. Maria E. Garay-Serratos is CEO of Sojourner Center in Phoenix, AZ. She knows we can end the cycles of domestic violence