"Rest In Power" trended on Twitter in honor of the veteran Democratic representative, who died Thursday.
Minutes later the supposedly grief-torn president tweeted he's "never been happier or more content" as he bragged about the U.S. economy.
“We’re going to have a moment of silence," the Golden State Warriors coach said. “We had one last week. We're probably going to have one next week."
PM David Cameron spoke warmly of Charles Kennedy, the former Lib Dem party leader, who died today at age 55.
This is the one gem of light in the otherwise torturous loss of a loved one. Being conscious of this gift, allowing it and remembering it (for yourself and others) could be life changing during grieving, so spread the word.
Thank you for lightening our burden with your caring and concern. It has meant a great deal to both me and Donna.
Some have suggested that sending a condolence card is in fact part of a physician's professional obligation to a patient. Families may be comforted by the affirmation that their loved one was not merely a name on a roster, but a person, whose death is noteworthy.
Some of the notes -- especially those from children -- are heartbreaking. One little girl said she wished people would stop
For a democratic nation that considers itself the land of the free and home of the caring, "will be missed" is an oddly stiff, detached way of expressing loss.