confederate flag

The former South Carolina governor, now a 2024 presidential candidate, isn't exactly playing up the move to voters.
Kevin Seefried also used the flag to intimidate Eugene Goodman, a U.S. Capitol Police officer known for his heroic efforts during the attack on Congress.
Wallace is the only Black driver currently competing in NASCAR’s elite cup series.
A federal judge noted evidence that Kevin Seefried used the flag against a U.S. Capitol police officer.
Country singer Trace Adkins raised eyebrows last night appearing with a Confederate flag earpiece during the nationally-televised Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting.
Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.) offered an amendment to preserve confederate flags in national parks, and said absolutely nothing to defend it.
Jason Selvig of the comedy duo Good Liars said he was so perplexed that he asked the question three times, hoping for a direct answer.
As confederate statues are torn down throughout the South, conservatives often hail General Robert E. Lee as one of history’s greats. They claim he hated slavery and worked to heal America after the Civil War. But the General Lee myth couldn’t be further from the truth.
A room used by the jury in the Giles County Courthouse in Pulaski, Tennessee, featured Confederate flags and framed portraits of Confederate officials.
The president told Fox News "I don't care what the military says" when asked why he is pushing against their efforts to rename the bases.