Confederate States Army

The day of observation calls on Tennesseans to honor Nathan Bedford Forrest, a slave-owning war criminal and Klan grand wizard.
Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith defended her recent comments, saying they were "turned into a weapon to be used against me.”
The ceremony was held on the 105th anniversary of the famed abolitionist's death.
The "Children of the Confederacy Creed" marker falsely claims that slavery was not an "underlying" cause of the Civil War.
There's a reason you won't find many monuments in the South to one of Robert E. Lee's most able deputies.
"This week, it is Robert E. Lee and this week, Stonewall Jackson. Is it George Washington next? You have to ask yourself
But convincing the Republican-led state legislature to go along is proving difficult.
The statue-toppling in Durham, North Carolina, appears to have inspired a number of similar acts.
Marches in D.C. this week took aim at the monument to Albert Pike, a pro-slavery Confederate general.
The popular hashtag #ThisIsNotUs shows America's inability to grapple with our ugly past.
The anti-fascists never came, but pro-Confederate protesters at the Civil War battlefield were still angry, and heavily armed.
The city of New Orleans recently removed from public display statutes of Confederate Generals P.G.T. Beauregard and Robert
The Norfolk City Council had decided against removing the monument in 2015.