conference of mayors

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and Baltimore’s Stephanie Rawlings-Blake were in attendance.
The mayors voted to pass the resolution this weekend at their 80th annual meeting, held in Orlando, Fla. Some of its leading
We know that it's easier to start a war than to finish one -- and we are seeing a case study of this in Afghanistan despite the fact that there's a clear, widespread, and growing consensus on the value of us getting out.
BALTIMORE -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel was warmly embraced at his U.S. Conference of Mayors debut here, partly because of his celebrity
The C40 developed two separate studies: one in partnership with independent nonprofit Carbon Disclosure Project and another
Why not set up stimulus accountability outposts of the White House in cities? Obama came into office with a metro mandate and now is the time to claim it.
[The USCM's] lobbying efforts provided countervailing pressure against conservative economizers and made the administration's
Increasingly, the challenges facing suburbs are the same ones facing cities. The politics that used to divide metro areas have collapsed. Indeed, in this election, suburban voters are up for grabs.
Facing a collapse in the subprime mortgage market that has pockmarked their cities with vacant houses and crippled their