Therapists reveal the sibling problems their adult clients frequently bring up.
President Donald Trump lied that he was asked to mediate between Pakistan and India regarding the conflict in Kashmir and was quickly called out by the Indian government.
It does not take a great leap of the imagination to understand how the 2015 earthquake in Nepal must have impacted on a country
Even poorer are 'social skills' (this one's international)!! A 'like' on Facebook or a 'heart' on Instagram or a fleeting
This year could be the first time in five years Ibrahim Haron enjoys a bomb-free existence. The possibility comes from a
An Indian policeman stands guard in front of the closed shops painted with graffiti during a curfew in Srinagar July 12, 2016
Whether it's on day one after a break up or if it's been six months or a year, here are four reasons to stop contact:
Now war is about economic power, or taking someone's land, or getting access to resources like oil, water, or trade routes. But one way or another, most wars are started in hate. Whether it's inter-religious hate or hatred between nations, war is almost always begun in hate.