President Donald Trump lied that he was asked to mediate between Pakistan and India regarding the conflict in Kashmir and was quickly called out by the Indian government.
Adequately resourced, disaster risk reduction promotes civility, civic mindedness and resilience, and therein lies a key
Even poorer are 'social skills' (this one's international)!! A 'like' on Facebook or a 'heart' on Instagram or a fleeting
This year could be the first time in five years Ibrahim Haron enjoys a bomb-free existence. The possibility comes from a
Curfews for a discursive resistance Articulations of azadi among Kashmiri youth are related to their experiences of living
Whether it's on day one after a break up or if it's been six months or a year, here are four reasons to stop contact:
Now war is about economic power, or taking someone's land, or getting access to resources like oil, water, or trade routes. But one way or another, most wars are started in hate. Whether it's inter-religious hate or hatred between nations, war is almost always begun in hate.
It sounds like... Escalating Behavior 2.) Reflective Listening (Top level technique!) - I love reflective listening. It is
Do the news media enjoy the confidence of anyone these days? In the United States mistrust was on the rise even before the recent presidential campaign.
10. Move on. When the conflict is resolved you can either 1) embrace the solution knowing you may need to tweak it one day
When it comes to peace, men are still the main players in the formal talks. That needs to change. I have met the most amazing
The next morning I awoke to various unfiltered opinions of newscasters, family members, friends, and individuals that I barely
Handling interpersonal situations while you are angry is a huge mistake. We are not in full control of our actions and words
Get back to sharing what you love about your life and what you want to do with it. Enlist others in your proactive messages
People worldwide were horrified at the sight of the small Syrian boy wiping blood and grime from his eyes as he was placed
In early 2014, I traveled to Addis, Ethiopia, to attend the first meeting of civil society groups from South Sudan and the
About the author Photo: International Peace Institute One of the recommendations of the global study, calling for the creation