conflict minerals

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"Freeing a person from slavery is good, but the ideal is to find ways to permit them to permanently resist slavery without
The mining industry often suffers from negative perceptions. Besides contributing to social and environmental abuses, in some instances the minerals and metals found in your smartphone have been associated with financing conflict in the African Great Lakes region.
Over the past three years I have been working on a documentary, "We Will Win Peace", which is part of this critique. Ben
Fairphone has been working to find a way to integrate more responsibly mined gold into our smartphone supply chain. Together with our partners, we achieved the first-ever Fairtrade gold supply chain in the consumer electronics industry.
For years, the gold and tin used in everyday electronics was funding violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The time has come to transform conflict minerals into minerals for development and peace. Let us therefore do what we can to bring the European regulating endgame to a constructive conclusion.
Nine years since the first international warrant for his arrest, the warlord Bosco Ntaganda will today go on trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. He is charged with committing 18 counts of war crimes in Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo), including murder, rape, pillage, and the conscription of child soldiers.
This $2,400 golden phone is an even worse idea than it looks. Here's why.
It is true that individuals and local economies have felt the sting of western companies' policies to require minerals that come from Congo, Rwanda, and the region to prove that they originate from conflict-free mines.
Here are just a few astounding things that I learned about Congo this evening: Congo's minerals are worth close to $30 trillion
I am always filled with sadness to leave Congo and our work here. With each trip (four for me now), I feel more and more
We have certified more than a hundred conflict-free smelters, and watched as several of the worst mines in Congo were demilitarized.
WASHINGTON -- Business groups won a partial victory Monday when a U.S. appeals court struck down part of a regulation designed
The obvious question is: How and why does AMD have a point of view on this egregious situation?
Everybody is guilty of not being completely upfront and nobody on earth is pure unless they are either a newborn baby or an unconditionally removed person who lives out of society, in a place where the only thing that matters is love of nature, compassion and ultimate respect for all creatures.