conflict resolution

That is the circumstance we are in, caught between the light and the dark, heartfelt truth and blind ignorance. We live in
I love America - blemishes and all. I respect other's opinions and rights and our democratic process. Congress should model
More analyses of ways to constructively wage and transform conflicts are needed. This should be combined in some settings
The surprising outcome of the election may seem inhospitable to this approach. Many people are seriously frightened by the
Oprah said, "The smallest change in perspective can change a life." We change when we feel safe and accepted. That afternoon
4. Identify issues and higher goals. The issue may be clear but not the desired outcome. Identify the higher goals. It may
Let's face it, this election has been unusually stressful. Personally, neither candidate embodies what I expect from the
If we don't teach our kids creative conflict resolution we doom them to complete isolation. Surrounded only by an ever-narrowing
Every year I run a conflict resolution station at the 5th grade retreat for a local school. The first thing I ask is for them to tell me what words come to mind when I say the word conflict. Every year, all the adjectives are negative.
Nothing has inspired me more than the sacrifices I have seen African parents make to send their children to school. In Swaziland in the 1990s, I calculated that a typical rural family spent over 60 percent of its disposable income to pay for school fees, books and uniforms.