conflicts of interest

Chinese who invest in Kushner company real estate deals can get green cards.
He said he’d drain it. Instead he brought it into the White House.
Trump’s office building has received $274,000 in rent over the first three months of this year for an election more than three years away.
Growth slowed a bit, but it still happened.
An agency that reports to the president says Trump International Hotel is in full compliance with its lease.
The White House Shopping Network would debut in the third quarter of 2017, should the plans come to fruition. This is a developing
Let's not feel too sorry for Ivanka. She's not a victim, and she certainly hasn't been "attacked." She's a very smart adult
Republicans on the House Oversight Committee unanimously voted against an amendment offered by Democrats to the committee’s rules to prohibit the committee from approving any legislation that could directly benefit President Donald Trump and the many businesses he owns.
Donald Trump’s fondness for all-things-gold has been exhaustively depicted. But since his election, his fondness for brass
Foreign governments could still line his pockets in lots of ways.
People of faith, regardless of their faith tradition, should expect the same things from our government: democratically elected
Through Corrupt.AF, Matt Ortega, a former Hillary Clinton aide, separates the chaff from the grain, cataloging what Google
Trump's debt is held by a who's who of big finance companies, potentially giving them leverage over his administration.