As a result, people's responses range from fear of bullying, to a dread of a Nazi Germany-style dictatorship, to concerns
When we are kind to ourselves, as well as kind toward the person we are having a challenging time with, then an extraordinary
My father's story is inseparable from my mother's. Married 64 years, their lives are woven together into one. Dad was a pilot
The anticipation was building ― soon the day would arrive. It was another week of doctor’s appointments to be sure that the
Your sense of identity drives your behavior. So when you're confused about who you are, you'll have a lot of confusion about how you should be investing your time.
If you'd like to be part of a community like that, please join the next session of the Writing Your Grief course. There's
Ambivalence is a sense of confusion or uncertainty due to mixed feelings towards a given issue or issues. I would contend many times this uncertainty comes from having an overwhelming number of opportunities.
While blowing the toot for Private Cloud is not an issue for me, I do get irritated by people not knowing everything that needs to be known about all types of Cloud deployments before they star speaking like Charles Babbage himself.
In 1944, John Service, Colonel David Barrett, and a small group of diplomats and military staff went to Yenan to learn more about the Chinese Communists and the community they set up there.
The more we practice honoring uncertainty, the more we allow it to be a familiar state that we understand is not permanent. Every attempt adds to our learning. We can tolerate uncertainty when we recognize and accept that this is just a moment in time.