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It seems that every day, a new technology eliminates some inefficiency or harmful impact of old products and practices. And yet, there remains one major holdover, fighting change and trying to hold the tides from coming in: our national love of driving.
People in Paris may soon have the option to get around the congested city using Sea Bubbles vessels. They're like Uber, but for boats.
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Hours Spent Sitting In Traffic | Infographics Traffic is so bad already that travelers allot about 60 minutes for highly
One-of-a-Kind Rules Welcome Development In a city that is notoriously difficult for truck drivers to work in, trucking industry
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Whether you live in Northern Virginia like me, New York, Nairobi, or Nice, road congestion and the ensuing traffic jams aren't just inconvenient; they can impede economic growth and impact the environment. Imagine how much more productive people are when they're not stuck in their cars or on the bus several hours per day. The good news is that help is on the way.
Traffic policy is, admittedly, unsexy. But the potential for saving many billions of dollars and thousands of lives demands serious attention and action.
This Memorial Day weekend, as we take our automobiles out for a costly, gasping, traffic-clogged spin, it's instructive to remember that the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.
In their "Pledge to America," after taking control of the House, the GOP promised it would not package unpopular legislation with must-pass bills. They've done the exact opposite with the Transportation Bill.
WASHINGTON -- The Virginia Department of Transportation is preparing to issue a request for proposals that would institute
What is the best way to promote economic development and hiring? My vote is for a new New Deal which helps communities accelerate construction of overdue projects.
Traffic isn't just killing our collective spirit, it's probably holding back the economy, according to a new report. Ranking
Tomorrow, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority can and should pass the Long Range Transportation Plan, paving the way for $300 billion in investment over the next 30 years.
In as little as three months, the brains of laboratory rats begin to change after being exposed to the air around congested
Congestion isn't an environmental problem; it's a driving problem. Traffic jams can actually be environmentally beneficial