congestion pricing

The ride-hailing companies want you to think they’re reducing congestion and promoting public transit. Their actions tell a different story.
Hours Spent Sitting In Traffic | Infographics Traffic is so bad already that travelers allot about 60 minutes for highly
All that rational response to price signaling might elicit a smile from a free market enthusiast like Milton Friedman (who
Truly committed car-haters try one scheme after another to make using a car in the city expensive, uncomfortable and, where they can, illegal.
We are going to see more people crowding the same old streets. We will need to find a way to ration street space and improve mass transit or we will become immobilized by gridlock.
Already plagued by the nation's third-worst traffic congestion with little hope of building a way out of gridlock, Chicago
Working New Yorkers are off to a very rough year, and the looming closure of bus and subway lines across the city may prove the cruelest cut of all.
New York State Senator Pedro Espada, ardent opponent of bridge tolls in the past, has now proposed a $2 toll on the East River Bridges.
The Secretary of Education's Race to the Top competitive grant program has opened fault lines between teachers unions, education reformers, school district leaders, mayors, and state-level politicians.