congestive heart failure

I had lived longer with this disease than anyone these doctors had seen.
The award-winning actress and producer also wants the hip hop community to be more vocal on health-related issues.
Fatigue, daytime sleepiness and moodiness are all well-known side effects of a bad night's sleep -- but many of my patients don't realize that serious sleep problems can affect not only mood and energy levels, but physical health, as well.
A condition called cardiomyopathy had enlarged his heart, and blood clots were wracking his body -- 28 in all. Doctors cleared
What's most important is finding the right treatment and sticking with it. Sleep apnea is a serious health condition. Fortunately, treatments used correctly -- whether CPAP or oral appliance -- can significantly improve your sleep and your general health.
Research has long been a major priority of the American Heart Association. Our organization has invested upwards of $3.5 billion into research, more than any organization outside the federal government.