I am a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton for president, but here is my warning to her: American voters don't want to be sold a "new Hillary," which is reminiscent of an earlier politician whose handlers invented the term "new Nixon."
The mere idea that members of Congress should be required to take annual ethics training speaks volumes about how far we have strayed from our founders' values, but may be necessary as a first step toward restoring decency and respectability in our nation's capital.
Ratings for both the Republican and Democratic parties also appear to have risen slightly since last December -- by 4 and
In 2012, Democrats held onto the Senate perhaps in part because Americans at that time had relatively more positive feelings
In six days, the nation will render its collective judgment in the midterm elections, and none of us knows what voters will do when they choose their poison on Election Day.
When the new Senate convenes next year, the most influential person on Capitol Hill could be Greg Orman, the independent candidate for senator from Kansas, who I predict today will be elected in November.
In contrast, 21 percent of Republicans said the best way to fix Congress would be to fire every member. Eighteen percent
Gallup's Jeffrey M. Jones notes that House turnover has trended slightly higher in years when Congress was especially disliked
Americans have good reason to be disgusted with politics in Washington. Both major political party organizations shamelessly pursue policies designed to generate the most money and power for the party in the short term.
What with the levels of dissatisfaction in the nation, Congress needs to start taking desperate measures to, well, woo the public once again. And what better time of year to pour on the charm than Valentine's Day?
If the nation does not turn the corner and return economic promise to most of its citizens, the divide between the haves and have not, will grow and bring with it the type of unrest that comes with dissatisfaction.
Voters who disapprove of Congress should "throw out the bums" who create the conditions that voters despise, and should defeat do-nothing and obstruct-everything Republicans in Washington.
Delivering an epic speech about Congress' withering reputation in the eyes of Americans and the world at large, Grayson -- attempting
But it isn't all bad news for the legislative body responsible for the government shutdown. American voters still hold Congress
Congressional support of the NSA action is widespread. Even liberals like Dianne Feinstein, the Democrat from California, defends the NSA information-gathering exercises as necessary for "protecting America" from terrorism. So what about "protecting America" from pollution?
What would you say if I told you the federal government is spending at least $800 million dollars on something you don't like or want? It's happening. Year after year and the actual figure is probably closer to $1 billion dollars annually.
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Why did his Senate colleagues agree? Why not some other social science discipline? Why not all social science? In the end, politicians don't appreciate scrutiny, which is exactly what political science does.
“Most of the media at the national level doesn’t cover the membership, they cover the leadership,” Fitch said. “They see
Research agrees with Gallucci's statement. According to a recent Gallup poll, only one in 10 Americans is satisfied with