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Wait, what??
Conservationists and environmental activists around the world were buzzing on Tuesday for the 44th annual Earth Day, hoping
Many of the maps are decades out of date and therefore don’t reflect the rise in sea levels since the time they were drawn
Congressional Republicans are all about the science and all about smart economic decisions based on cost-benefit analysis, unless it leads to a conclusion that they don't like. In which case, the science is clearly wrong, and cost benefit analysis shouldn't be done.
While regulations might take a toll on these companies' ability to "create jobs," the toll climate change could take on our economy will be far more catastrophic, damaging our energy and agricultural sectors, and ruining the livelihoods of thousands of people.
Can we cut to the chase on climate change? For nearly a decade, I've followed the news, the analysis, the debate -- and the nonsense that more often than not substitutes for it. And, as a mom, I think it is high time we grow up.
The League of Conservation Voters released their annual National Environmental Scorecard Wednesday, ranking members of congress
The results of the HuffPost/YouGov survey also suggest that Americans think climate change is a serious issue, even if action
"We are not focusing on what's causing these changes. We know that there are efforts under way to deal with emission issues
The window of opportunity only shrinks. Now would be the time for the so-called Democratic base to signal -- via active constituency -- that we've got Barack's back. I'll call my congressional delegation if you call yours.