Remember that brief moment when Congress had to stop benefiting from insider, government knowledge in the stock market, and
On Monday, Obama signed into a law a change in the Stop Trading On Congressional Knowledge, or STOCK Act, which was passed
It might not be illegal, but it's certainly sketch. Still, a separate WaPo report found that 130 lawmakers traded in stocks
Six long, weary years after Louise Slaughter proposed a law to ban insider trading by members of Congress, the Senate approved the House version of the STOCK. All it ultimately took were the magic words, "60 Minutes is here to see you."
Thing Four: The Pain In Spain: Remember how the debt crisis in Europe was all solved recently? Well, it has climbed back
"It's a system of checks and balances," Stewart said. "They deposit checks, it increases their balances." Jon Stewart took
"If you ever make an investment decision, if this bill passes in current form, you probably should never talk to any member
"We are entrusted with a profound responsibility to the American people to look out for their best interest, not for our
The Senate version of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act would subject any member of Congress who violates
"My insider trading bill is on [Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s] desk right now. Tell him to get it out," Brown told