Remember that brief moment when Congress had to stop benefiting from insider, government knowledge in the stock market, and
Still, changing the law creates its own risks. Though the law's disclosure requirements still apply to members of Congress
It might not be illegal, but it's certainly sketch. That finding comes amid increased scrutiny of lawmaker access to privileged
Six long, weary years after Louise Slaughter proposed a law to ban insider trading by members of Congress, the Senate approved the House version of the STOCK. All it ultimately took were the magic words, "60 Minutes is here to see you."
The Senate on Thursday passed something you've probably never heard of before called the JOBS Act, which purports to make
WATCH: Part two Watch part one above and part two below to witness Stewart's full outrage at the concept of the ironically
"The problem is it's just so incredibly broad -- one contact, and then you'd have to prove that whatever you learned didn't
One amendment that aimed to make it even harder for lawmakers to profit from inside information also failed. Offered by Sens
Make your voice heard: WASHINGTON -- Aware that most Americans would like to dump them all, members of Congress hope to regain
Sen. Brown's office did not respond to requests for comment from The Huffington Post. "Send me a bill that bans insider trading