McConnell spokesman Don Stewart confirmed Thursday that the GOP leader is pulling the bill from next week's schedule. Instead
WASHINGTON -- Hawkish Senate Democrats are backing off an aggressive push for Iran sanctions legislation, saying they'll
At a Senate Banking Committee hearing Menendez said, "Many of my Democratic colleagues and I have sent a letter to the president
“Our position has not changed. We obviously don’t think that that would be productive or the right step,” State Department
The administration maintains that the nuclear negotiations do not touch on other regional issues. But it has conceded that
"If you allow people to just run roughshod over you -- just like we’re seeing right now with Putin in Russia right?" Corker
By Patricia Zengerle and Timothy Gardner Some key lawmakers said after the meeting they had not been convinced. The package
That could force the U.S. to withdraw its financial support for organizations like the U.N. Refugee Agency and UNICEF, the