“You put a lot of effort into something, and then basically your time is getting wasted when your proposal has been rejected
Bush’s comments don’t make clear whether he too would demand that any increase in NIH funding be offset elsewhere in the
Members of Congress from both parties have tried innovations to funnel funds to NIH. Proposals have included creating an
While our government may be open again, the doors to the robust economic recovery our country seeks remain welded shut.
Congress squabbles but the present system just can't relieve or solve the problem -- because the debt money system itself is the problem!
For Kip Crofts, Wyoming's U.S. attorney, the budget losses have created all sorts of unforeseen problems in addition to forcing
There are those on the Right who debase the currency of that four-letter word -- "evil" -- by using it against anyone who disagrees with them. But what word do you apply to people who deny food to hungry families, voting rights to minorities, or a chance for self-advancement to hard-working students from lower-income homes?
The Congressional Budget Office estimated this week that leaving the sequester in place will cost up to 1.6 million jobs
The sequester is a Republican-demanded house of mirrors reducing national security while creating the illusion of short term saving by creating longer term, larger and more expensive debt. Troops and their families suffer at all levels.
Broadly speaking, policymakers should acknowledge that our growing debt is a serious threat to the economic well-being and security of our country. It is urgent that we put in place a plan to stabilize the debt as a share of the economy and put it on a downward path.
When you look at today's problems thru the 1787 lens -- or that of 1864 or 1942 -- and consider the truly herculean challenges our ancestors were able to overcome for our benefit, it seems as though we should be able to do better.
Congress is about to fulfill our most negative fears, demonstrating the absurdity of their nonsense dialogue in pursuit of meaningless actions that are nearly impossible to execute toward goals that are nearly unachievable.
On April 19, Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas) along with 123 other members of Congress, wrote the acting administrator at the
The sequester has already done harm to early learning classrooms all across the country. The light which shines on every Head Start children has been obscured. But we cannot watch as sequestration robs more at-risk children of their brighter futures.
In the end a budget is quite simply a statement of priorities. Budgets tell us a lot about what we value in our society. We must repeal this sequestration nightmare and we must replace the policymaking butchers with surgeons.
Sequestration, the report ominously concluded, may hamper the Department of Defense in confronting pressing national security
Sequestration continues to ravage the real people: the middle class, the seniors and the first responders as epitomized by the Clifford household.
WASHINGTON -- As sequestration cuts grew more likely during the first two months of 2013, one industry found profit in budget
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), asked if he was relieved Congress had stemmed the delays, smiled broadly and said, "I gotta catch
At the time, LaHood cautioned that lawmakers had but a "30-day window" to "prepare people" to make the necessary adjustments