Spending most of your day applying for grants rather than conducting science can affect your psychological state. And as
“This goes back to the question of long-term versus short-term spending,” Bush replied. “I would add another long-term spending
The reception he received underscores the difficulty and frustration of his objective. Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) called the
While our government may be open again, the doors to the robust economic recovery our country seeks remain welded shut.
Congress squabbles but the present system just can't relieve or solve the problem -- because the debt money system itself is the problem!
But the mere fact that one of the state's federal courthouses may have to be sold -- Wyoming has only four -- illustrates
There are those on the Right who debase the currency of that four-letter word -- "evil" -- by using it against anyone who disagrees with them. But what word do you apply to people who deny food to hungry families, voting rights to minorities, or a chance for self-advancement to hard-working students from lower-income homes?
Michael McAuliff covers Congress and politics for The Huffington Post. Talk to him on Facebook. But Boehner nixed that idea
The sequester is a Republican-demanded house of mirrors reducing national security while creating the illusion of short term saving by creating longer term, larger and more expensive debt. Troops and their families suffer at all levels.
Broadly speaking, policymakers should acknowledge that our growing debt is a serious threat to the economic well-being and security of our country. It is urgent that we put in place a plan to stabilize the debt as a share of the economy and put it on a downward path.