congress shutdown

But only 1 in 4 overall backed forcing a shutdown to block Planned Parenthood's money.
Well, the first thing is that money rules. Again, people in politics are increasingly beholden to the people who are paying
The government shutdown came to a close early Thursday morning when President Barack Obama signed a bill to fund the government
It's one of several unintended consequences of the Republican gambit to defund Obamacare by shutting down the government
Among the many reasons behind the government shutdown, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schutlz (D-Fla.) asserted that the Tea Party's
I'm furious that Congress has chosen to shut down the government and leave so many of us behind. This is not just about the debt ceiling or national parks. For me, the shutdown means that Congress is denying me potentially life-saving treatment.
Several scientists wrote to The Huffington Post warning that an extended absence could set back their research for years
Though Congressman Peter King is from New York, he should not be mistaken for an old-fashioned moderate Republican. He is a full-blooded Reaganite, but he is realistic enough to recognize that his party is engaged in a suicide mission.
From Congress, all I ask is this: End the shutdown. Just do your job. Please take personal responsibility -- just like you expect school children to do.
HuffPost Readers: If you work for the government, or will otherwise be affected by the government shutdown, we want to hear