But while the White House says it is deeply committed to passing the above stimulus measures, they have no clear path to
So when can we expect to see those 8 million lost jobs again? "It'll probably take 5 years." As Zandi points out, the government
The reception Obama's letter received on Monday was even more skeptical than the one House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D
So far the only people Obama seems willing to make mad are the activist base of the Democratic party who helped him defeat Hillary Clinton and John McCain.
He inherited a horrible situation with this economic crisis, but he has not flinched. And his confidence inspires us and helps to generate confidence because we see him carrying on.
Behind Obama's declaration that the federal government will carefully monitor lending and bank management is the notion of conservatorship, not nationalization.
It will take much stronger medicine to avert a depression than the measures taken to date, and the president needs to rally public opinion if he is to persuade Congress to act at the necessary scale.
The entirety of the bill's language is a two-column table -- the names of the 20 men in the left column, and the portion of the $800 billion each of them will receive in the right column.
Never has Beltway orthodoxy looked as clueless and futile as it does today.
Obama and his advisors made a critical miscalculation by allowing the political goal of bipartisanship to trump urgent economic necessity and the need for a new economic philosophy.