As the Chicago Teacher's strike appeared over and over on the news, I began to think about what an evaluation of another group of public employees may unearth -- the performance and efficacy of our Congressmen and women.
We face, today, our own hard and inescapable facts that call into question what the most important pursuits of America's responsibility and purpose at home and abroad really are. Guns to kill people in other countries or butter to save people in our own?
Earlier this week, Senate Republicans rolled out their proposal for financing an extension of the Social Security payroll tax cut scheduled to expire at the end of December: cutting federal employees' jobs and wages.
WASHINGTON: President Obama's defense budget for 2013 implements the start of the $500 billion in budget cuts required by
Fukuyama is devoted to the Westminister model, which theoretically can produce a coherent plan but which, in the real world, seems to suffer, like any political mechanism, some stubborn problems.
See -- we're not that stupid. Wait. Maybe that should be the new slogan: "Congress -- we're not that stupid."
As the automatic cuts resulting from the failed super committee debacle phase in, Washington should should be ready for a surge of Occupiers as OWS activists march toward Capitol Hill on foot.
The group pressed the committee on Medicaid and the first responder radio network in the final weeks leading up to the super
How deeply do you want to plumb the depths of the collapse of the super committee?
There is plenty of cause for concern after the failure, Arthur Delaney and Ryan Grim report. Programs like unemployment insurance