This country needs a Congress that works. This country needs citizens who work. This country needs a Congress and citizens who can work together using that hammer to rebuild confidence through constructive compromise and collaboration.
These are trying times for concerned politicians and citizens alike. They are times in which the odd has become the ordinary. These are times in which the extreme has become the usual. These are times in which the virtual has become the real.
People who worked on Capitol Hill as recently as the 1980s say there has been a striking decline in the cordiality and constructiveness
It is a brief portrait of D.C.'s dysfunction and delusion followed by its declaration of victory over compromises on goals that should never have been goals in the first place.
Christmas is just days away. In shops and malls echoes of Bing Crosby singing "Silver Bells" serenade shoppers as they rush home with their treasures. But in all honesty, it's hard to consider Christmas 2014 to be "a season of joy."
Design changes in Ebola management protocols make it highly probable that the Ebola hazard in America will be successfully contained. In contrast, the hazard of wealth-concentration policies implemented by central banks is not under containment. This problem threatens the very fabric of democratic enterprise.
The 112th Congress, which ended its term on January 3, 2013, was labeled the "worst" and "least productive" Congress ever by a variety of sources.
Legislating for a core constituency is passing a totally partisan bill that sends a message to a targeted group but has virtually no chance of implementation. Legislating for the country is passing a bipartisan bill directed at solving problems confronting the nation and its citizens.
So much in American life these days doesn't work. But soccer does work -- magnificently. I am not looking forward to returning to dysfunction and snafu.
[Would you like to follow me on Twitter? Because why not?] Opposition to Camp's proposal had all the makings of a Beltway
With Mitt "Self-Deportation" Romney being soundly beaten, all eyes were on immigration reform to be the first issue tackled and resolved in 2013. Republicans, the old immigration obstacle, would finally agree after Obama won 77 percent of the Latino vote.
The AOC tweeted earlier Tuesday that the restoration project is set to commence in November. Scaffolding similar to the structure
As Sherman and Bresnahan report: "[I]n private discussions, GOP leadership aides acknowledge they have absolutely no idea
It is hard to predict what will come out of the conference committee as the final farm bill. But it should be a bill that is based upon collegial compromise rather than unilateral dictates and that includes adequate SNAP funding and reduced corporate welfare.
There may be a Republican who can help alleviate the dysfunction that has gripped Washington, but he's not in John Boehner's caucus. He's the one who last year predicted the mess we're facing to begin with: President George W. Bush.
Obama failed to change Washington. That will take not just a compromising president, but a compromising Congress. The project is larger than this two-man election. Still, Obama's reelection is crucial. You don't get less gridlock by voting for the party that is spearheading it.
Is this a model that the rest of the world might admire and aspire to? Hardly. Are we a hopeless case? Certainly not. But we should dampen our national pride and curb our arrogance until we get our house in order.
Only one letter separates word from work. Words, ideas, thoughts can become the basis for work. By concentrating on and working the pivot points, we can translate concepts into action and get America working again. Let's get to work!
People who hold other people hostage are criminals, and the elected criminals came very close to murdering the entire global