Even if we abolished super PACs tomorrow we would do nothing to incentivize our elected leaders to talk to anyone other than the very wealthy. They'll still need donors who can "max out," and that probably doesn't include me, or you or anyone you know.
One Democratic member compared the miserable experience of constantly working toward re-election to "putting bamboo shoots
  Sen.-elect Ben Sasse, R-Neb., conducted a fundraising breakfast last Friday. "This is to help retire his primary debt ... If
WASHINGTON -- It may come as a surprise, but politicians running for Congress have raised less money for November's midterm
It’s not as much fun in that we’re so consumed with other things. Here’s what I mean — we used to have a Senate Dining Room
As the highly unpopular and woefully unproductive Congress racks up dishonors, The Huffington Post's Ryan Grim and Sabrina
"I came here in 1998. I served with a guy named Jim Maloney. He came here in 1996. I would say, 'Jim, why don't we get together
Most police officers in America do not require greased-palms for their services. But if one wishes to attend a chicken cordon bleu dinner with Senator Max Baucus of Montana, it will cost him $10,000
You say you want to serve your country in Congress? Show me the money. Otherwise, you will be shown the door.
Or you can say she has a song where it sounds like she is singing "F--k me," which is what I utter to myself, listening to