The nation's highest congressional honor will be given to the U.S. Capitol Police and D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department.
Twelve Republican lawmakers voted against awarding Congressional Gold Medals to the U.S. Capitol Police following the deadly riot in Washington.
"I cannot support partisan charged language found in this bill," Rep. Andy Harris said after voting against giving the Capitol Police the Congressional Gold Medal.
Patricia Warner received the nation's highest civilian award for serving the U.S. as a spy. She also helped downed American pilots escape.
“They faced outright discrimination throughout their service, which led to their heroism and sacrifice being largely ignored,” Sen. Tammy Duckworth said.
The celebration marked the anniversary of integration in the Marines.
During a visit to the Smithsonian when he was five years old, Roscoe Brown first laid eyes on the Spirit of St. Louis, Charles Lindbergh's plane which flew across the Atlantic just the year before. Needless to say, Brown was absolutely captivated.
The Filipino American National Historical Society first recognized October as Filipino American History Month in 1992, thanks to the vision of FANHS founder, the late Dr. Fred Cordova, and the FANHS Board of Trustees.
Studies show that college freshmen are familiar with First Ladies, even if they can name few other women throughout U.S. history who were not celebrities or sports figures.