As someone with truck driving experience, I have a deep respect for the profession. We must do everything that we can to ensure that trucking companies don't force their drivers to drive long hours with few breaks to sleep and rest.
CORRECTION: A previous version of this post mistakenly said Ted Kaufman is the chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel
TARP played a significant role preventing the mini-depression from becoming a full-blown Great Depression, but part of the cost is to distort further incentives at the heart of Wall Street.
Parkinson is due to testify before the Congressional Oversight Panel that is reviewing efforts to stabilize the financial
Despite a round of new data suggesting the economy is on the mend, such as a 1.1% increase in the Leading Economic Index
According to the Congressional Oversight Panel, many private label mortgage backed bonds have a fatal defect that Wall Street is downplaying: many mortgage backed bonds may not be backed by mortgages.
The abundance of data in the oversight panel's report presents a picture of a flimsy government program that has been swamped
While the result of recent mortgage foreclosure and HAMP hearings remains to be seen, there's a sense that a handful of government officials get it and seem to be looking out for the rest of us.
Have a look at the complicated chart from Edstrom: Regulators will have their hands full. The Congressional Oversight Panel
Dan Edstrom, of DTC Systems, who performs securitization audits, and who is giving a seminar in California next month, spent