First-term incumbent Hurd narrowly unseated Rep. Pete Gallego in 2014 and now faces the Democrat again for the right to represent
Another ad by Crossroads GPS uses a quote from the director of CREW to tarnish the reputation of Tim Bishop, a Democratic
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Beginnings The Florida law is rooted in the centuries-old English common law concept known as the "Castle Doctrine," which
As Nate Silver and other election watchers have noted, the Kentucky Sixth Congressional District race between incumbent Democrat
A special election for an open seat in the U.S House of Representatives has turned into a high-profile proxy war over how
For the first time since his inauguration, President Barack Obama is flexing his electoral muscle, urging supporters to organize
From CNN's article on the Republicans' growing anxiety about their prospects in November: Most of the party's top strategists
At Vote Hope, which employs Latinos and Latinas at all levels, we support Obama because we see him as the only vehicle for real change -- change we can believe in -- in this country.