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The Democrat is stepping down from office after reports of inappropriate relationships surfaced.
Pretty much everyone supports the mission of the new committee to modernize Congress.
A former Senate staffer was charged Wednesday with posting private information about one or more senators on the internet.
When and how to ask your representative and senators for help.
Read a transcript of Black's prayer during the Congressional Staffers walkout below: We're gathered here today so that we
Members of Congress nearly uniformly decry the threat of sequestration and the effect that $109 billion in automatic spending
How one does measure their influence on Capitol Hill?
Many Americans think they have little chance to impact Washington, given the professional army of lobbyists and lawyers who swarm Capitol Hill on a daily basis. But they would be wrong.
You now know more than some of the 12,000 plus lobbyists walking through the corridors of power on Capitol Hill. Use it to promote your passion -- whatever that passion might be.
For every conscientious statesmen in office, we have also elected a dozen grenade-throwers who measure success in terms of constituencies pandered to, election victories tallied, and political points scored in the media.
A visibly emotional Wasserman Schultz praised Zimmerman, who served as a community outreach director in Giffords' Tuscon
But the new Republican domination of the House has called attention to the so-called "reverse revolving door." In 2009, for
“Our goal is to get it open as soon as possible, for the community,” Nardelli said. In the meantime, a fundraiser to benefit
For many top Democratic communicators this year, it was time to pursue other career options -- ones that don't revolve around
That would be a kind-of-innovative solution except, if you ask a staffer on Capitol Hill about it (off the record) they will