Rep. Drew Ferguson never changed his old address to his new home as state law requires before voting in this year’s primary, general election and U.S. Senate runoff.
Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) "couldn’t get to the remote fast enough to shield my 11-year-old from the preview" of the new animated series "Little Demon."
The New York congressman did not give a reason for his resignation but said there is more to do to put “people before politics.”
"I know it was more than once. I just don’t recall the times," the Ohio congressman told Politico.
"Our hearts feel empty without our friend, but we find comfort knowing that he is free at last."
Nunes' parents' farm is thousands of miles from the congressman's California home, Esquire reported last year.
Georgia Congressman John Lewis attends San Diego Comic Con, promote March, the graphic novel trilogy he co-wrote about the civil rights movement.