Conleth Hill

Fans thought they finally had the answers, but now they've been served a new plot twist.
The cast of the HBO show cast doubt on the divisiveness of Season 8 during a panel in San Diego.
The Master of Whisperers, and star of "A Patch of Fog," shares some secrets.
New breakthroughs in technology have a long history of disrupting the status quo. When I first learned how to type, it was on a manual typewriter that, if you hit the carriage return handle hard enough, might fall off the desk.
Macbeth runs through April 10 in Berkeley Rep's Roda Theatre, 2025 Addison St., Berkeley. Tickets are $35 to $145, from 510
Photograph:Frances McDormand and Conleth Hill; photo courtesy of It stars Conleth Hill (who is probably most
Read USA's official episode description of the Season 2 "Suits" finale below: The "Suits" finale is upon us (Thursday, February