Connect the dots

Climate denial has rightly lead many to unilaterally embrace science as the last bastion of rational thought in an increasingly contentious world. But the question is: Whose science?
As our generation struggles to deal with the challenge of climate change, we need another Earthrise moment. With our limited attention spans chasing after the latest tweet or Facebook post, perhaps our moment of insight will take a different form.
This Saturday,'s global network of volunteers, activists, and organizations are hosting over 1,000 events in more than 100 countries to "connect the dots" between extreme weather and climate change.
How to separate fact from fiction in evaluating fracking, the new and burgeoning next phase fossil fuel proffered by the gas and oil industry?
If there are any people on earth who can teach us about the lessons learned from living in an unjust society, while seeking opportunity, it's the people of South Africa.
High-ranking DHS officials, including chief Janet Napolitano, immediately held emergency meetings to plan a course of action to deal with a mysterious connect-the-dots picture in their possession.