Conscious Consumer

"Remade is the first line designed to be resold, not landfilled."
It's all hard to imagine. But I can. I can envision an incomprehensibly beautiful life without this kind of daily worry. Every
What if your shirt, your pants, or even your underwear were made in factories that provided workers like Reshma with genuine opportunities?
Whether we like it or not, consumerism shapes many aspects of our society. Put a little differently, the way we spend our money communicates our beliefs, values, and interests.
Kelly, who just turned 28 and wears a glass-encased live root around her neck, makes her living helping companies grow conscious lifestyle brands online. Her road to conscious consumerism started in, of all places, Long Island, the land of conspicuous consumption.
At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution. I felt the urgent, desperate, need to shake up the hedonistic patterns I'd developed during my first year living in New York City.
In the name of living our yoga, we spend more money on organic items, buy fair-trade and goods made in the USA, and we donate