Conscious Relationships

Many of the preconceived notions of who you are and how you function can be negative. They can be judgments about your character
There are two ways we can function in this world. We can navigate using the spirit, or using the mind. The spirit will put us into contact with soul expression and expansion, while the mind will put us into contact with schemes and strategies.
When she told me this, I did my best to convey to her what being part of a family fabric means. A family is not made up of
The bottom line is that we do well to acknowledge and embrace the aspects of our family heritage that are of value, and build
Even from the beginning, in that very first week, we all know when something is wrong. It's very easy to absorb misinformation
It's called the Campsite Rule. If you've listened to Dan Savage's sex advice podcast, you've probably heard it. The idea goes like this: when two people are in a relationship the more experienced person has the responsibility to leave their partner better than how they found them.
Archetypes constitute the structure of the collective unconscious - they are psychic innate dispositions to experience and
Different partners draw out of us different emotions -- some we didn't even know we had -- and sustaining a relationship becomes tedious from both ends. But we must ensure that at least we're doing our part. So how do we navigate it through it all and improve the quality of our love?
Whether we like it or not, we are ALL fed this FAIRY TALE story about relationships our entire lives only to realize that the real work begins when the newness wears off and LIFE starts to happen. Happily ever after is possible but maybe just not every hour of every day!
We never need to give up on anyone; even our seemingly negative friendships might still be salvaged through bringing more compassion into the mix. And if not, then as the 14th century meditation master warned us, it's our job to compassionately cut them out.
"Maybe the efficacy is in the treatment itself, but there's also something healing in the gesture of trying," Schafler noted
But I do think there are a number of things that can lead to a life that is extraordinary. I try to follow as many of these as I can. At one point, I have followed all of them, and they seem to work for me.
Relationships need love and patience just like your new baby does. Yet who has time and energy to take care of everyone?
Parenting. A world in which every choice made can simultaneously be the best and worst choice for everyone involved, depending on who you talk to. No pressure, right? Well, I've decided to throw my own opinions-on-parenting hat in the ring, even though I don't have any children... yet.
So what can we do now to slightly tweak our own parenting process to make it more conscious? Leaving behind in this world
Do you have an ex with whom you have "unfinished business"? If so, my dear, now is the time to clear it up. "Hold on a second
In this day and age, women have won the right to vote, to burn our bras, and to climb the corporate ladder. Why do we still find it a challenge to be honest in the bedroom? And could this duplicity potentially lead us astray when looking for Mr. Right?
Are you focused on romantic love this Valentine's Day? If so, you're missing an opportunity! Building stronger connections with those around us can lead to a happier, healthier, more successful, and easier life.
Our description of WHY will fill the recipient with a deep feeling of appreciation that makes our words resonate with them long after they have been said. It also gives them an opportunity to tell you WHY they love you.
Gearing up for Valentine's Day? So are retailers. We spend a fortune trying to get cupid on our side-last year's sales climbed to nearly $19 billion. And even though the dipped berries, roses, and wining and dining can be nice, two new research studies reveal we just may want to rethink our Valentine's M.O.