conscious uncoupling

The actor and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin famously used the phrase to describe their divorce.
The actor shared she used the method to maintain her friendships and doesn’t want “any bad blood” between her and her ex-partners.
The Goop founder said she promised to deliver on the pledge "at some point before I die."
"We just didn't quite fit," the actor said of being in a relationship with the Coldplay musician.
"By consciously uncoupling, my ex and I have been able to maintain our family unit and allow it to grow in ways that is best for each of us."
The '80s pop star dished on their supposed feud on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen."
The actress’ take on the “consciously uncouple” backlash is … interesting.
The stakes are high here for this couple to have a good divorce--not only for the two actors and their six children but also for a culture that takes its cues from stars.