conscious uncoupling

The actress’ take on the “consciously uncouple” backlash is … interesting.
The stakes are high here for this couple to have a good divorce--not only for the two actors and their six children but also for a culture that takes its cues from stars.
Many of us struggle with painful patterns in our romantic relationships, playing out our disappointing story over and over again. Men always leave. Women don't want me. No one ever asks me out. We think there is something fundamentally wrong with us that is keeping us single.
There are no statistics for couples living "consciously uncoupled" in America. But it's about being true to ourselves and teaching our kids to follow their own path, not someone else's idea of how we should live our lives.
Most people don't know what conscious uncoupling is, so I have to explain that it’s what Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin
Stop, drop and roll. Release the pain, sadness and disappointment, so you're not carrying it forward. You and the man you are meant for deserve for your heart to have a clean slate. Remove any trace of bitterness in your heart, so you are free to love fully again.
In the healing arts, we work on the body to release old trauma... but such work can also reveal a lot about your "true north" and whether or not this relationship is a "right fit."
For those idealists and romantics who swear to love and cherish until death do they part, maybe it is time to update and revise the divorce laws to eliminate the loopholes, strategies, and games, and make the outcomes less acrimonious?
My parents were consciously uncoupling before conscious uncoupling was a thing, and they didn’t wait to be divorced to do
Dividing assets with a soon-to-be former partner is about as much fun as getting audited by the IRS. The happily-ever-after myth is built upon upward, not downward mobility, and the deconstruction of a home once built on love can feel as unnatural as attending the funeral of a child.
Here's what not to do: Don't bash him -- ever, don't politic and characterize him a certain way. Don't explain a lot. You
And while no one wishes a divorce on anyone -- unless it's clearly a dangerous situation -- divorce is sometimes the right thing to do, even if there are young kids involved.
America's beloved celebrity couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, known colloquially as "Bennifer" marked their 10 year anniversary this week with a divorce.
It seems to me that Dr. Simon missed the entire point of the article, which was reflected in the following quote: "Many Generation