Alan Dershowitz probably should've kept this to himself.
Sorry, guys. Opening a condom together before sex does not equal automatic consent.
Joking about non-consensual touching and not apologizing is a Trump move, not that of a man who claims to respect women.
Former Vice President Joe Biden has responded to allegations of inappropriate touching in a new video online.
The parents of Peter Zhu, 21, said they wanted to preserve his legacy after he died in a skiing accident.
You can’t teach your kid to value consent while simultaneously violating theirs.
Backlash has erupted after an Irish defense attorney told jurors in a rape trial to look "at the way she was dressed."
Educators and Parents Discuss Teaching Kids Consent
Her remarks about the Lewinsky affair appear at odds with Me Too's message.
It covers what consent is and what it does ― and doesn't ― sound like.
If sex ed programs taught consent, they could minimize the type of criminal behavior Brett Kavanaugh is being accused of.
The "sex talk" should be an ongoing conversation -- and it definitely doesn't have to be awkward.
For years, I’ve struggled with the guilt of the moment I didn’t run away.
Our national conversation about power and consent must make room for women’s desires.
For women who are wanted, and who want it, consent can deliver career-changing advantages in an unequal world.
“For women, I hope the takeaway here is that pleasure is our birthright."
"Make sure the other person is not just willing, but damn well enthusiastic," wrote “The Good Place” star.
If the #MeToo movement is going to last, we need to renegotiate the sexual narratives we’ve long accepted.