Columnist and commentator also has some surprising thoughts on which presidential candidates will better for conservatism.
From FDR to Barack Obama to Bernie Sanders, conservatives are reading from the same playbook.
Making a fuss over holiday greetings tells us way more about your race and politics than your religion.
Diplomats traditionally maintain political neutrality and steer clear of interfering in other nations' internal affairs.
Greg Pence, a former Marine with no previous political experience, has campaigned on much the same agenda as his younger brother.
The anti-abortion movement is—and has always been—about punishing women for their choices.
This week, the media company announced the former Obama administration official will join its board.
They knew damn well his brand of politics was a snake before they took it in.
They've become radical, and they want to remake America.
To fulfill this responsibility, we need to revisit our understanding of what it means to live an authentic life, and our
Liberals should celebrate their contributions not bemoan their fate - for Americans need to be reminded of what liberalism
The popularity of Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, and others suggests a culture less interest in developing journalists than it is in developing cheerleaders for powerful men.
The journey begins right from the wedding invitations, where simple paper invitations are giving way to outrageously luxurious
So you're not surprised to find him as the author of the book Reclaiming Liberalism: And Other Essays on Personal and Economic
The party of conservatism is now led by a populist nationalist.
After 1870, it was illegal to send birth control or any information about birth control, through the US Mail. Since it was
One need look no further than the outcome of the Brexit vote or the Colombian peace referendum to see how spectacularly the pollsters and bookies got it wrong.
A similar approach could help with the coming crisis in Medicare solvency. Medicare might survive if wasteful and unnecessary