Conservative Christianity

Some Christian leaders have spoken out to denounce what they saw as the misuse of their faith to justify a violent attack.
The leaders asked the first daughter to make sure the Trump administration enforces an anti-trafficking law that protects unaccompanied children.
Over 300 COVID-19 cases have been linked to Rev. Jun Kwang-hun's Sarang Jeil Church in northern Seoul.
2019 was the 13th straight year of decline for the Southern Baptist Convention, America's largest Protestant denomination.
Christians crying out against a single issue compromise the greater picture of Christianity as a whole.
Jesus implores people not only to be generous, but to overturn oppressive systems that create inequality in the first place.
Conservative Christians frequently complain that progressives are intolerant of their views. We refuse to listen to them
People not so inclined to march in lock step with their politics are fleeing this version of “the church” at record levels, especially young people.
Jesus was about loving sacrificially, not "America First."