Conservative Democrat

The conservative Democrat also says he is undecided on whether to vote to acquit or convict President Trump.
Some progressives are disappointed that the Vermont senator has yet to back Texas Democrat Jessica Cisneros.
Many are from districts that backed Trump in 2016.
Going after a GOP "culture of corruption" worked then. Will it work now?
Jim Justice was elected as a Democrat in 2016.
Whenever a major political party fails to hold the White House, the political pundocracy bemoans that the party is freezing
I think it's very possible the Bush administration might be willing to make bad financial decisions in the short run just to keep the Republican Party in power.
Barack Obama has cut a radio spot for conservative Dem Rep. John Barrow of Georgia, who favors staying in Iraq and favors
This really is a feat: Open Left, the liberal blog that's leading the charge on behalf of netroots heroine Donna Edwards