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Just over 12 hours after Theresa May announced that the cabinet had agreed to the terms of a draft Brexit agreement, the Brexit minister resigned.
Germany got its very own electoral shock this week when the far right won 13 percent of the vote in country’s parliamentary
What’s the difference between an accident and an outrage? The fire at Grenfell Towers, London, that killed at least 80 people
The blaze has led to anger at the government and a debate over public safety.
There are four important lessons to be gleaned here for Americans coping with the world of Donald Trump.
The British prime minister gambled away a parliamentary majority in an election she did not need to call.
The prime minister's botched election gamble has left her government severely weakened.
Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s high five went very wrong.
Democrats must choose between being the party of the Good Aristocrats and the party that fights Authoritarians.
Progressive and anti-authoritarian policies seem to have worked.
Here's what you need to know about the Democratic Unionist Party.
"There is a real similarity between what he has done and what I did," Sanders said.
Let’s all agree that politics in general are quit confusing and complicated. This is certainly the case as Brits wake up
May said she could rely in parliament on the support of her “friends” in Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party after her governing Conservatives failed to emerge as clear winners.
Voters elected more women than ever before, but equality in Parliament is still some way off.