Conservative talk radio

Chuck Bonniwell's remarks drew swift outcry from listeners, which included shooting victims' families.
Ingraham's idea is a dud all the way around. Not only that, it runs counter to what most Americans want: a solution to our country's broken immigration solution. Ingraham's pledge is remarkable only for being pathetic and pointless.
The right has the right to satirize its adversaries. But on the day these two men were claiming to celebrate American democracy, they made a point of dismissing and ridiculing one of the leading voices for women's advancement, which, it must be noted, is fundamental to the advancement of democracy.
Morton Downey succeeded where earlier talkers like Wally George and Bob Grant failed. He turned conservatism into both a rock concert and professional wrestling theater. Out of this innovative mash-up came the slick, in-your-face production values and jingoism of Fox News Channel.
Glenn Beck is building an amusement park called -- what else? -- Independence Park. But he's pitching it to be much more than a roadside tourist trap with a tilt-a-whirl, concessions and skeeball. Beck wants his herd of followers to believe it's a real city -- his own version of Ayn Rand's "Galt's Gulch."
What happened to talk radio in Boston? I would point to three factors. And I would suggest that none of these are unique to our part of the country. Boston may be on the leading edge, but these same trends could sweep away talk elsewhere, too.
In Milwaukee five right-wing talkers on two stations directly supported Republican candidates 15 hours a day, five days a week. But these are public airwaves, not Republican airwaves, so the Media Action Center filed a legal challenge with the FCC to deny WISN and WTMJ their licenses.
It won't surprise you that I blame the media for this reality. What will probably shock you is that I fault the conservative media more than any other entity.