considering divorce

Give some serious consideration to these questions before initiating a divorce.
Knowing when to divorce can be difficult, and it's a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. So how do you know if you should proceed? While there's no magic answer for when to get a divorce, here are 10 signs it might be time to take that next step:
4. "Do you have the courage to begin this process? It takes a lot." 2. "Think hard. Is this REALLY your only option?" 3. "Will
8. "Am I modeling the kind of relationship I want my child to be in eventually through this marriage?" 6. "What's the most
4. Try everything you can before divorcing. It’s better to try now than to subject yourself to “what ifs” down the road. What
If you're considering divorce, you've got a lot on your mind. Whether you're certain you want to split or still considering whether your marriage can be saved, there are five crucial things you should do before taking more definite action.