Conspiracy Theories

Critics said the White House has no cogent response to the hearings because all the facts line up against Trump.
Gov. Matt Bevin, who lost a close election last week, waded deep into the fever swamps to amplify baseless claims of voter fraud.
Disinformation can bleed into the real world in violent ways. It happened in the French city of Bayonne.
A new campaign email from the Hawaii representative dovetails with her past conspiracy theories and fear-mongering.
"They are chasing daily conspiracy theories on this Ukraine hoax," the Trump-defending lawmaker told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.
William Perry Pendley authored anti-environmental screeds for Lyndon LaRouche. Now he controls 10% of the U.S. landmass.
The model lashed out on Twitter against those who falsely claim she and husband John Legend are involved in a pedophile ring.
Behind closed doors, Trump has made his views on Ukraine clear: “They tried to take me down.”
The former congressman repeatedly mentioned a debunked claim that Ukraine may have been responsible for the 2016 DNC hack.
For deep-state conspiracy theorists, 8chan's return could bring “the second coming” of QAnon.
The energy secretary said Trump's lawyer offered debunked conspiracy theories on Ukrainian influence in the 2016 election, The Wall Street Journal reports.
James Fetzer was ordered to pay Leonard Pozner $450,000 for publishing false claims about the 2012 shooting.
Around the world, conspiracies are traveling from fringe online communities into the mainstream political conversation.
YouTube's algorithm is designed to keep you watching for as long as possible, even if that means pushing out increasingly extreme content for you to binge.
The president has enlisted parts of the U.S. government and key allies in the pursuit of unproven or disproven conspiracy theories, some incubated in the dark corners of the internet.
The Times was criticized for prioritizing "sensationalism" over “truth" in its spread of a "baseless conspiracy theory" about Biden and Ukraine.
Trump's accusations against Joe Biden turn reality on its head. Biden’s Ukraine efforts were more likely to hurt his son’s company, not help it.
The platform's latest influencers are election hoaxers and conspiracy theorists.
The former vice president slammed Trump for "pushing flat-out lies, debunked conspiracy theories and smears against me and my family."
Two discredited far-right conspiracy theorists were up to their old tricks. But she deftly dismissed them.